Sunday, March 20, 2011

FAQs: Radiation's health effects - Health - CBC News

FAQs: Radiation's health effects - Health - CBC News: "Radiation dosage is measured in sieverts (Sv). Short-term exposure of the whole body to about 10,000 mSv or 10 Sv would cause immediate illness, such as nausea and decreased white blood cell count, and subsequent death within a few weeks, according to the World Nuclear Association."

Comparing radiation levels

  • Airline crew flying from Tokyo to New York by polar route: 9 mSV/year.
  • CT abdomen: 8 mSV.
  • Vomiting, nausea: 1,000 mSV.
  • Death within a month for about half exposed to a single dose: 5,000 mSV.
  • Short-term, whole body exposure resulting in immediate illness and death within a few weeks: 10,000 mSV

Sources: FDA, Reuters, World Nuclear Association

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