Sunday, April 10, 2011

Japan disaster - tragedy frozen in time - World - NZ Herald News

Japan disaster - tragedy frozen in time - World - NZ Herald News

Photo albums lie open in the ruins of Rikuzentakata. many of those in the pictures are still missing. Photo / Bradley Ambrose


We have our backpacks on the ground around us to stop the wind cutting straight through.
While we are setting up camp, the local police arrive. With the media-police relationship in New Zealand frosty at the best of times, I think we're in trouble. But all they want to do is make sure we are safe for the night before they carry on.
At each stop, we plan what our emergency exit will be, what we will take, where we will meet up if separated and who is going to film.
In every area we go to, the risks are weighed up and we back off if we feel it is too dangerous.
As we travel along the coast road, we come across small coastal villages, wiped off the map except for a few homes built higher up the hills.
Each town had a tsunami wall and warning signs posted everywhere for locals. To keep ourselves sane, we tell ourselves that they all heeded the warning signals and made it to higher ground.

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